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Q: What types of engines are available from Lykins Motorsports?
A: We specialize in Ford engines!: Windsors, Clevelands, FEs, and 385 series engines. 

Q: How does Lykins Motorsports help me select the right engine for my vehicle?
A: Engine selection is a very complicated process. There are many, many variables and each one has to be addressed. We really don''t provide crate engines as each engine is individually customized. Our customers have our phone number on speed dial as we spend an incredible amount of time with parts selection and to find out exactly what the customer expects from their engine. Don''t expect to make just one phone call to purchase as engine as there will be many conversations throughout the entire assembly, dyno, and shipping processes.

Q: Which brands of parts are used in my engine?
A: We use only high quality name brand parts. A lot of the brands that we use in our race engines get carried over into our budget engines as well. We don't use white box parts from unknown manufacturers and origins. For instance, our crankshafts and rods come from reputable suppliers such as Scat, Callies, Carrillo, Oliver, GRP, etc. Our pistons come from Racetec, Mahle, Diamond, and JE. We have many relationships with high quality parts suppliers. Feel free to contact us regarding exactly what parts we do carry and use.

Q: Can you supply drivetrain parts as well?
A: Absolutely. We are a distributor for Tremec, McLeod, Quicktime, RAM, Fidanza, as well as many other drivetrain parts manufacturers. Along with working with you on engine part selection, we can help you decide on everything you will need to put the power to the ground. Our complete drivetrain packages even come with clutch forks and slave cylinders; everything that you need to install your combination into your vehicle.

Q: What''s the lead time on a complete engine?
A: We can usually have an engine assembled, dyno'd, and ready to ship out in about 4 weeks. This can vary from engine to engine, as some of the engine families use parts that are a little harder to find.

Q: Can I get a list of references?
A: Absolutely. Call or email any time and we can give you the contact information of some of our customers. You can also log on to several online forums that we are active participants on: Club Cobra (, the Ford FE forum (, the 351 Cleveland forum (, and a few others. All you have to do is ask about us or search some of the older forum posts for feedback about us.


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